Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding

Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding
Have you ever wondered if extended breastfeeding is for you? Doctors recommend 1-2 years of breastfeeding, However, many moms have chosen to prolong their journey for various reasons. Maybe all you need is to find a fulfilling motivation to try extended breastfeeding.
So, here are several benefits of extended breastfeeding, for both mommies and babies:

Baby’s Health

The nutrients absorbed by babies through breast milk does not change in value as your little one ages. He will keep on getting great amounts of calcium, protein, vitamin A, fat and other nutritious substances found in breast milk.

Baby’s Immunity

According to experts, babies who breastfeed avoid more diseases and even have lower mortality rates. The longer your child breastfeeds, the better the immunity benefits. Some specific illnesses that are claimed to be prevented by liquid gold include ear and upper respiratory infections.

Mommy’s Health

It has been a well-established fact that moms who breastfeed are less likely to have breast cancer. Not only that, breastfeeding also prevents ovarian and endometrial cancer. The best thing is, the more babies you breastfeed and the longer each journey lasts, the more protected you become.

Baby and Mommy

Breastfeeding is soothing for babies, but also for moms. As you go through your breastfeeding journey, you will also be grateful for many things. For one, you don’t need to fumble around your baby bag for bottles and formula; just whip your breast out (discreetly, of course) and you’re good to go.
Finally, the best thing about extended breastfeeding is the secure attachment it creates between baby and you. The hormones exchanged and hours spent by mom and baby together, especially during breastfeeding, strengthens their bond. This is a benefit that can last you a lifetime.

We hope that learning the benefits of extended breastfeeding encourages you to continue your journey.
Best of luck!


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