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Online Groceries Delivery options around Metro Manila

Online Groceries Delivery options around Metro Manila

How are you holding up, mommies? Luckily, breastfeeding moms don’t have to worry over running out of milk, am I right? However, I’m sure the enhanced community quarantine placed over Metro Manila has created some major changes in your household one way or another.
Though these are indeed troubling times as we are facing a worldwide pandemic, we are also blessed with plenty of technology that can help us get through these periods of social distancing. While many are still fighting through long lines and strict hours just to get their groceries done, many---especially mothers---should consider doing their grocery shopping online.
Below are some amazing online shops that are still open to deliver you and your family’s needs:

WalterMart Supermarket

Sign up for free via WalterMart’s website or mobile app and get access to the grocery items available on their shelves. This supermarket chain claims to be the “Biggest Grocery Delivery Service in the PH.” However, keep in mind that we are going through a health crisis: stocks may be limited and deliveries may be delayed.

The Green Grocer

The Green Grocer delivers organic goods, from fresh produce, meat and poultry, and grains to supplements, wines, and personal care items. As implied by its name, there are plenty of vegan choices from this healthy store as well. Shop and browse through their website

Bukid Fresh

 This school-requirement-turned-legit-business-enterprise offers fair trade between farmers and consumers. They offer “fresh, quality and nutritious produce” at a fair price. Getting hold of fruits and veggies rich in Vitamin C and other nutrients will boost your immunity through this pandemic. Order yours from their website.

The Healthy Grocery

This shop is a godsend for those who believe in superfoods and supplements. With stocks of chia seeds, organic golden quinoa and kale chips, your fitness and health need not suffer from this worldwide crisis. Now is not the time to slack off; it’s actually the best time to get even healthier! Explore their healthy and delicious offerings here.

There you go, mommies! We hope this list will help you manage your home and keep your family healthy as we go through this pandemic. Remember: We are all in this together. In fact, Purest still delivers! You can still order your favorite milk booster from Purest and use the time you have to pump and store your milk. ❤️️


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