Unique Gifts for New Moms

Unique Gifts for New Moms

If you’re trying to figure out the perfect gift for the new mama in your life, you have come to the right place. Go beyond the normal gifts of receiving blankets and diapers with these useful and unique gift ideas that are sure to please new mothers. 

Coffee Mug

It’s a go-to need, for every coffee and tea drinker mommy for every single day. Mugs are one of the most personal things in the kitchen. A perfect mug is significant to each individual. Finding the right mug can be such a celebration, and we would know, the quest for the perfect mug has been a lifelong pursuit of ours. It may seem trivial that such a small piece of pottery can mean so much to us, but there’s nothing like a hot beverage in your favorite mug to make the world seem a little kinder.

    Teething Necklace

    Looking for the perfect teething necklace? Teething necklace has geometric beads, in a rainbow color combo. Little ones are going to adore the bright colors, and most importantly enjoy having a chew on those squidgy silicone beads. It is made from high quality, BPA-free silicone is perfect for keeping busy hands occupied during feeds and helps develop tactile awareness.



      Bird's Nest Necklace

      A bird’s nest has a symbolic meaning including protection of the young and nurturing a new generation and life. A nest is a home and a shelter and a Mother bird dedicates herself to the protection of her precious eggs. Nurturing of creativity, it is celebrated in this piece. When I saw this design I knew a handful of special women in my life that depicted the embrace of a nest to her children. Many women In my life symbolize this theme and as a result of my admiration for them, I started making nests specific to each out of a labor of love.

      Personalized Gift Box

      A customized gift box for a new mom would be one of the perfect gifts for every different mother depending on their personality. The gift boxes are different from one another and they are not very difficult to make for the professional manufacturers depending on the personality and how well you will customize it.


      Mama & Baby Shirt

      Forget about couple shirts, Mama & Baby shirts are in with the new! This is also one of perfect gifts since you can have instagramable pictures with your baby. 

      Wooden Baby Stats Sign

      Never forget how big your baby was when they were born! Our handmade custom birth rulers are cut to be the length of your baby at birth and proudly display their birth stats with the cutest icons for their nursery or photos.


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