Baby Development and Breastfeeding | Is it Nature or Nurture?

Baby Development and Breastfeeding | Is it Nature or Nurture?

How breastfeeding contributes to my baby's development? Is it Nature or Nurture? If you have ever asked these questions yourself, you are doing it right, mommy.

If you are keeping track of what your baby is working on achieving, you can further support their development. 

Some might say a baby’s development is Nature, others will say it's Nurture. What could it really be? 

Nature – It’s by genes, existing from the time the baby is born.  

Nurture – It’s the baby’s learned experiences. The mother is fully responsible for the baby's development. 

Your baby’s development can either be through observation of environment and behaviors, another baby’s development might be from a certain way which is inherited from family. The question is where does breastfeeding come in?

The development that breastfeeding provides is surprisingly the combination of these! Breastfeeding is Nature but for it to work, a mother has to perform the Nurture-ing which will allow the baby to develop fully. 

Breastfeeding can develop and enrich a baby’s genetic characteristics, how remarkable is that!

Health Related Issues - If either of the parents has a history of health-related issues such as asthma, allergies, etc. breastfeeding can lower the baby’s risk of developing it. 

Healthier Food Preferences - Babies who were breastfed have developed healthier food preferences later in life, breastfeeding mothers should continue to perform nurturing the baby by maintaining a healthy diet. 

Emotional Well Being - Breastfeeding can even develop your baby's emotional well-being whenever good happy hormones such as Oxytocin flow from mother to baby through breast milk. 

Nurture the Nature with breastfeeding! It’s Possible.


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