Covid-19 Vaccine and Breastfeeding FAQs

Covid-19 Vaccine and Breastfeeding FAQs

As mommies, we know you have LOTS of questions about Covid-19 vaccine and breastfeeding, especially about its safety for you and your baby. It’s driving us a bit nuts, too. That’s why we did our research and are here to share what we have learned.

Here are some answers to your FAQs regarding the Covid-19 vaccine and breastfeeding in the Philippines:

Q: Can breastfeeding mothers get vaccinated?

According to the Department of Health and the World Health Organization: YES, breastfeeding and lactating mothers can avail the Covid-19 vaccine of their choice. This is especially true for breastfeeding women who are health workers or are considered as front liners during the ongoing pandemic.

So, if you are ready to get the vaccine, Congratulations! You can!

Q: Is getting the Covid-19 vaccine and breastfeeding really safe for me and for my baby?

The Philippine Pediatric Society has released an official advisory in March 2021 which states that all Covid-19 vaccines may be offered to breastfeeding women. This is primarily because the vaccines currently available in the Philippines do not contain live viruses. Pretty good news, right?

But remember, mommy: it is always best practice to proceed with getting the Covid-19 vaccine and breastfeeding after consulting with your physician. Schedule a check-up (online or in-clinic) with your doctor and get their go signal first.

Q: Are COVID-19 vaccines effective for mothers and their babies?

Let’s look at what our more advanced neighbors are doing: 131 mothers participated in a US study involving the Pfizer/BioNTech and the Moderna/NIH vaccine. The research claims that said vaccines are “highly effective” for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Sounds promising!

If you’ve obsessed about the benefits of breastfeeding for months, this will not come as a surprise to you. But, amazingly enough, some lab evidence also indicates that “the breast milk of lactating mothers who were administered COVID-19 vaccines contain antibodies against the respiratory illness.” Once again, we are shown how amazing and powerful our breast milk can be. As long as we are healthy, baby will most likely stay healthy, too. That’s how powerful the bond nursing creates is! So, if you are ready, getting the vaccine and breastfeeding may be the best choice for you.


There you have it, mommies! If you have made the choice to get vaccinated but are having doubts because you’re breastfeeding, we hope we were able to ease your worries.

No matter your decision, it is important to note that all these results are largely preliminary--meaning this is all we know based on the experts’ initial findings. The results simply count as early evidence based on limited data for the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The best thing to do to avoid Covid-19 remains the same: Take care of yourself and prioritize your health. You can boost your immunity naturally and, as you do, you protect your baby and loved ones, too!

Watch out for our next blog to learn the many ways you can nourish your natural immunity.


  • Purest -

    Pwede naman po kayo mommy magpabakuna, even buntis nga po kapag 2nd to 3rd trimester nagpapabakuna na, Para po sure din kayo you can ask clearance sa OB Gyne niyo. Pwede naman po magpabakuna kahit nagpapa breastfeed, ang mga hindi lang pwede bakunahan yung may mga serious na sakit na need muna ma treat and with clearance ng doctor.

  • maricel ds guzman -

    papabakuna na sana ako kaso ng screening q na d ako binakunahan kz dapat daw 6mos na nakakapanganak. natakot ako kz nagpapadede ako. ilang months na nakakapanganak ba talaga bago mabakunahan ng sa covid19. kz gusto q talaga pabakuna d lang sa king kalusugan para maprotektaha. q din ang baby q.

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