Know how: Nutrients from Breastfeeding enhance a child’s immune system

Know how: Nutrients from Breastfeeding enhance a child’s immune system
Hello, mommies! How are you all holding up during this pandemic?

The emergence of COVID-19 was quite unexpected, and I know all of us are struggling to understand how the virus works and what we can do to protect ourselves. Aside from the recommended social distancing and enhanced community quarantine, how else can we, as mothers, protect our children?

Liquid gold can magically adapt and respond to various viruses attacking our babies’ bodies by producing antibodies that work specifically against whichever virus is present in their system. This is how breast milk can stop diseases from developing in the body.


As a matter of fact, even mommies who are suspecting that they have been infected by COVID-19 should continue to breastfeed. According to La Leche League, we must continue to nurse our children through COVID-19 to increase the protective immune factors gained from direct breastfeeding. Weaning babies during this stressful time can also cause emotional trauma to your baby or toddler.


Good hygiene practices and regular sanitation is important to keep in mind, especially for moms with babies still latching onto them, to avoid transferring the virus. While breastfeeding boosts your child’s immunity, it is no cure to the virus.



So, remember to continue latching and to trust your milk, while still doing all the necessary sanitary measures to keep you and baby clean and safe. Continue boosting your milk supply and keep baby protected with the help of Purest Lactation Milk!



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